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This determines your price!

How do we quote a wedding

Location- city and state?

Date- what day of what month?

Time- approximate am or pm?

How many need Hair?

How many need Makeup?

How many artist needed-?

1 artist under 3 people

2 artist should be perfect for up to 10.

( if you need more than suggested, there is a small fee)

Copy and paste above to email with your answers and get a custom quote within 24 hours

Florida Bride Engagement Package- in studio engagement shoot hair and makeup

pretrial for wedding and wedding hair and makeup

depending on location starts at $499

We can accommodate any hair texture style and or give you advice on whats best for you

Commercial, Production and Movie Shoots

Pricing Depends On Talent, Experience and location.

 1-4 years $

 4-8 years $$

10 -15 years $$$

15-30 years $$$$

Owner and lead

Hair & Makeup Artist

Angela DiLeone

My personal promise to make your day as special as you dreamed it would be. To uphold all industry standards and be professional and accommodating to all your wedding parties needs. Lastly to keep all communication open at all times. My brides have my cell and I respond as soon as possible to all concerns. Why else would you hire a  licensed and insured experienced professional

Our Artist portfolios