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  • Makeup Certification

    Makeup Certification Class for Beginner to pro (3 Days)
    • How to create a kit
    • Tricks and tips
    • How to match foundation
    • Airbrushing
    • Camouflage skin
    • Anti age skin application
    • Business consulting on how to start your new career
  • Virtual Makeup Academy 3 days

    Learn right from your home.
    • This is a zoom makeup class for 1 or more.
    • Online demos of how to do makeup for all skin tones and kind
    • Business consulting
    • I will fill in the gaps of what you need to learn
  • Makeup Your Face

    Learn to apply your makeup correctly for your own features.
    • Learn to apply your makeup correctly for your own features.
    • Look flawless without effort.
    • Learn technique and application.
  • Business Consulting

    Beauty Boss Business Consulting on your business
    • 1-3 hours via zoom or face time. This cannot be broken up.
    • Generate income even if off-season
    • Learn her tips and tricks.
    • How to promote your business.
  • Beauty Consultation hair/makeup

    Perfect for those who have a question about hair and makeup.
    • 90 minutes of 1-on-1 phone or video consultation with Angela
    • What style is best for you.
    • What makeup you should use for your skin.
    • What hair products you may need.
    • What new style is best for your lifestyle.
  • Build my makeup kit with Angela

    This class is about building your kit. Angela will help you online to purchase what you may need to
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