Caring cuts Program at VIP Beauty

When Angela Di Leone got so many request about people in need that were home bound. hospitalized, and hospices, she knew she had to do something. I just couldn't believe that there was not already a place that did this. I started with 1 and loved it so much that I wish I could strictly do just this. There was something inside of me that just clicked. I was fortunate enough to be able to have a mom and grandma that never had to search for a service like this. I had to purchase a few special devices and take an extra policy out to protect me in the event. but ultimately it was well worth it! One clientele in particular that made a huge impact was Melissa.

Melissa's Mom called me and left a voicemail that I will never forget. She was crying on the voicemail saying her daughter not well and on ventilators in ICU in Tampa general. I know this sounds weird but her last request is to have her hair cut by a professional. You see she has her second bout of ovarian cancer and only in here 30's.When I arrived I didn't know what was about to happen. Melissa very coherent smiled with ventilators in here and her mom describing what has happen to make her hair so matted. I think that day was the turning point of caring cuts. I de-matted her hair and what I could cut off of her to make her short enough so she could not be bothered by the tangling in her tubing. She had been fighting for her life for months and was at the end. when I was done she gave me a thumbs up and wrote thank you on her dry erase board with a tear in her eye. She reached for my hand and squeezed it. everything inside me wanted to burst into tears. She r