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Caronavirus and the Beauty Industry.

So here we are day 40 of no work order and I'm just sad! Have you ever had a passion in you that you love your work but cant even offer a haircut? I really never thought in my lifetime I would experience this type of pandemic. We have all heard of these things happening from our grandparents but little did we know in our age would it have happen.

Malaria, swine flu, measles, aids, it all ran it course and still pops up every now and then.

For us as a country that is ahead of the game on most things. Someone dropped the ball.

Why didn't anyone foresee a dilemma like this? So many movies made years ago that are exactly what we are going through and yet we were taken by surprise.

Was this biochemical warfare? Or just life!

I guess I am just trying to make sense for so many of us out of jobs and all we knew our whole life was to work hustle and put bread on our table. Nobody could stop us.

Entrepreneurship was a way of life that gave you freedom. Freedom that nobody can stop your source of income. If it stopped, you did it!

I cant imagine how we will build what we lost back up again. Will it be better. Did we need this break to re-evaluate life?

The Beauty Industry will loose a lot of amazing stylist. It will loose a ton of small salons that will never be able to recoup.

Paying rent for storefronts that will never open again.

What could we have done to prevent this? How could we have changed the way we ran our business to make this not matter.

As I ponder and morn this loss of work. I will only come back stronger and more resistant.

I will not take for granted I can work anytime I want.

I will prepare for the worse and make sure that my base is strong. I will plan my other streams of income so that not even a virus can put me out of work.

I pray that all of you artist hold on and don't give up even if life wants you too.

Life is to Beautiful!

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